The Free Legal Aid Project’s Team Visited Arilje, Pozega and Lucani

The Mobile legal team of the Free legal aid project met, within a field visit carried out on the 15th of June 2021, with internally displaced persons, refugees from BiH and Croatia and returnees upon readmission agreements in the Municipalities of Arilje, Pozega and Lucani.

One returnee upon readmission agreements from Arilje addressed the legal team with a request for free legal aid regarding obtaining personal documents. The team collected available documents and filled out an application for free legal aid for the returnee.

The team then organized individual meetings in Pozega with two new potential beneficiaries- one returnee and one refugee from Croatia. Both beneficiaries presented their legal problems concerning personal document and obtaining JMBG. Their requests for free legal aid will be further processed along with collected documentation.

After Arilje and Pozega, the team travelled to Lucani, where two refugees, one returnee from Germany and one IDP, old beneficiary of the project, presented their legal issues to the legal advisers. The legal team gave relevant legal advice, collected documentation and filled out applications for free legal aid.

The field visits to Arilje, Pozega and Lucani were organized in collaboration with local commissioners for refugees and migrations for those potential beneficiaries who due to financial or health situation were not able to travel to the nearest project office.