Second training for lawyers carried out

One of the goals of the Free legal aid project, apart from providing legal assistance, is spreading knowledge and practical experience in order to expand the network of professionals in providing assistance in solving legal issues of internally displaced people (IDP), refugees and returnees upon readmission agreements. With that purpose, the project organizes a training for legal officers and junior legal advisers working with the project.

The second training of legal offices and junior legal advisers, held on the 24th and the 25 of October 2019 in Kraljevo, was opened by the project’s director Radoš Dabetić, who welcomed the participants reminding them of the importance of the capacity building of the project.

Legal advisers on the project Mia Fukuda Sofijanić and Vladimir Mojsilović explained to the participants basic principles of international regulative applicable for internally displaced persons, refugees and readmission returnees, as well as international organizations and the EU organization for protecting basic human rights. The lecturers then continued the training focusing on the international crimial law with emphasis international criminal jurisdiction and regulative for establishing mandates of KFOR and UNMIK on Kosovo and Metohija, as well as EULEX and the constitutions that applies in KiM.

The Free legal aid project organized the first training for legal officers and junior legal experts in June 2019 in Zlatibor, and at least four more will be organized by the end of the project.