The Free Legal Aid Project and the NGO „Udruženje Roma intelektualaca“ (URI) organized on August 22, 2019 in Vladicin Han the Round table dedicated to the most frequent issues and challenges returnees upon readmission agreements face upon return.

Janus Kustic, the president of URI, said at this meeting that there were 343 requests of the returnees who need legal assistance to exercise their right to social welfare, child allowance, legalization and registration of the property and personal documents.

The representatives of the project, readmission expert Ivana Adrejevic and Legal Adviser Aleksandra Ordic presented to the attendees the project and the assistance it provides to returnees upon readmission agreements and interviewed seven returnees seeking legal aid with regard to obtaining documents, citizenship and writing requests to relent institutions.

The Round table, attended by the Member of the Municipal council Marko Mladenovic and project activities besides the representatives of the project and URI, was also an official beginning of collaboration between the project and URI aiming to increase reach-out of the free legal aid among returnees in Vladicin Han.