In collaboration with the Municipality of Srbobran and a local trustee for refugees and migration, the Free legal aid project organized the first Open door on November 22, 2019 at the Municipal Hall.

The gathering was opened by the trustee Ms. Nada Šarčev, who welcomed the project’s team and everyone present and presented new programs for aiding vulnerable groups. Legal experts of the project’s Belgrade office Mia Fukuda Sofijanić and Vladimir Mojsilović presented to gathered IDPs, refugees and returnees the mandate, activities and results of the project and explained legal issues these groups face and how the project can help them resolve those issues.

Upon the presentation, the legal advisers held individual meetings with potential beneficiaries of the project. The team had total of five meetings, filled out two applications for legal aid and gave legal advice in three cases.

The Free legal aid project plans to organize similar events in other municipalities with higher number of beneficiaries and potential beneficiaries in order to present in the most efficient manner assistance the project provides to internally displaced persons, refugees and returnees upon readmission agreements and strengthened a collaboration with the Commissariats for Refugees and Migrations. Thus event was announced on a web-site of the Srbobran Municipality and was covered by the local media.