One of the activities of the Free Legal Aid project is training of young legal experts to further specialized them to work with vulnerable groups, institutions relevant for legal actions of the project, as well as concrete legal acts of providing legal assistance to targeted groups. This activity is directed towards creating more efficient and more professional legal team, as well as a sustainable mechanisms of legal support to internally displaced persons, refugees and returnees under the readmission agreements by educating young legal experts to work independently in segments where assistance to these people is most needed.

With purpose to make organizing these training possible during the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, in collaboration with the consultant firm “Leste”, we developed an electronic platform for learning. The platform was designed to contained previously recorded and edited lessons, organized by a defined sequence. Trainees can access the platform during the period set for completing the course and have the option to view lessons multiple times if needed. Within every lessons, the trainees get material and documents they can download and use it going forward.

The platform offers complete information on trainees who completed the training and their progress, as well as the evaluation of the training. When the period set for training expires, the trainees cannot access the lessons anymore, but the recorded material will be kept in the archive.

Besides protecting health of the experts and respecting proposed health-safety measures, this way of learning enables trainees to organized their time and view lessons respecting their daily activities with project’s beneficiaries.
The first e-training was carried out from the 27th of July to the 13th of August 2021 and was focused on the Law on Advocacy, the Status of the Bas Association and the Codex of professional etic conduct.