Mobile team in Aleksinac

Legal advisers of Free legal aid project’s Niš office Vladana Savić and Dragan Gavrilović carried out a field visit to Aleksinac on the 23th of December 2019, which was organized in collaboration with the local trustee for refugees and migrations Aleksandra Petrović.

The project’s legal team met with eight internally displaced people (IDP) from Kosovo and Metohija during this field visit, who sought legal assistance regarding illegally occupied property, executing labor relation rights or obtaining documents in KiM. One refugee from Bosnia and Herzegovina sought legal assistance for obtaining documents from their place of origin.

Apart from meetings with potential beneficiaries, the project team met with local NGOs that work with IDPs and Roma people. The team presented to representatives of those NGOs the project, legal issues the targeted groups face and the assistance the project provides to them. ON this occasion, the project officiated a Memorandum of Understanding with NGO „Nada“ from Aleksinca in order to strengthen the assistance to returnees upon readmission agreements.