The Mobile team of the Free legal aid project’s Kraljevo office, in collaboration with local commissioners for refugees and migration, carried out on the 22nd of June 2021 field visits to Uzice and Ivanjica.

During the field visit to Uzice one returnee upon readmission agreements addressed the legal with a legal issue that is not under the mandate of the project. The team gave the returnee a relevant legal advice.

After this meeting, the mobile team went to Ivanjica, where they had a total of 8 meetings with potential beneficiaries. Six refugees from Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina sought legal assistance in obtaining documentation, mostly citizenship certificates, from their places of origin. One returnee upon readmission agreements requested free legal aid in obtaining a travel request and request for returning to the country of origin, while an IDP presented its legal issue regarding a land in Pec. All the potential clients received adequate legal advice, submitted available documentations and filled out applications for free legal aid.

Apart from nine meetings with potential clients, the mobile team met with local commissioners for refugees and migration in Uzice and Ivanjica. During those meetings, the commissioners emphasized a further need for free legal aid for IDPs, refugees and returnees upon readmission agreements residing in this municipalities.