The mobile team of the Free legal aid project’s Nis office carried out on the 12th of August 2021 a field visit for potential beneficiaries residing in Kursumlija.

On this occasion, the team held meetings with 12 internally displaced persons from Kosovo and Metohija, who presented to the legal advisers their legal problems regarding illegally occupied propertied in their places of origin, right to 20% share of privatization of social enterprises their worked in before the displacement, as well as obtaining documents from KiM. For all the potential beneficiaries, the team gathered available documentation and filled out applications for free legal aid.

After these meeting, the legal team met with the local trustee for refugees and migration Igor Radunovic, who greatly supported the organization of this field visit, and presented to him the project’s activities directed towards providing support to these categories of citizens in solving their legal and status issues.

Field visits of the mobile legal teams has shown to be very effective mechanism in providing direct and on-time legal assistance to vulnerable groups. Up to date, the assistance is provided for more than 190 beneficiaries through over 80 field visits.