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Denis Van Dam

Team Leader

Our team leader, Mr. Denis van Dam, is an expert in human rights, humanitarian assistance, integration of refugees and IDPs, and support to local integration processes. He has worked many years as a team leader in post-conflict and reconstruction programs, both in Eastern Europe and in Latin America, very often in complex and conflict related contexts. In addition, his capacity to adapt to different political, social and cultural spheres and his extensive field experience (both for the United Nations and for the European Union) is an asset for successfully guide and lead to success our property rights for IDPs program.


Zoran Popović

Key expert 2

Lawyer with over 17 years of relevant experience in field of protection of displaced people and refugee’s rights, including a rich experience working with the EU, UN and other donor projects referring to the protection of this vulnerable group. He has also gained a valuable experience working in Kosovo and Metohija after 1999 on protection of human rights and legal assistance to displaces people and minorities. He particularly dedicated himself to providing legal aid to displaces people in places of their origin, including monitoring and reporting on human rights violation on all levels.


Vladimir Mojsilović

Senior Legal Expert

Upon graduating from the Faculty of Law, he began his career in the Justice Department, where we worked until 2011 on the position of Senior Public Prosecutor among other positions. Since 2012 to date he has been working with the EU projects for free legal aid for IDPs, refugees and returnees as legal expert. He has been a lawyer since 2015, when he passed the Bar Exam and was registered with the Bar Association in Belgrade.


Nikola Radosavović

Senior Legal Expert

Lawyer from Belgrade, a member of the Belgrade Bar Association and Serbian Bar Association since 2000. Nikola represented clients and civil, criminal and administrative cases before courts of highest instance in Serbia, courts with international judges and the European court for human rights. His experience includes war crime, human rights and privatization cases. The Republic of Serbia is one of his clients Nikola published a few articles. His mother tongues are Serbo-Croatian and Slovenian and is fluent in English.


Mia Fukuda Sofijanić

Junior Legal Expert

Graduated from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade where she also finished master studies on the subject “Interim Measures of the European Court for Human Rights”. As a member of the Belgrade Faculty of Law’s team, she was a winner of the international contest “Jean- Pictet 2009” in Evian, France.


Maja Lakušić

Junior Legal Expert

Born in 1983 in Priština, elementary and high school finished in Leposavić. Maja graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Union University in Belgrade. She began her career in the Company for property protection and maintenance of the object “Kolubara- Usloge” in Lazarevac as the Coordinator for legal affairs. She was a professional volley/ball player from 2001 to 2011. Speaks English, Greece, Spanish and Russian language.


Đorđe Popić


Born in 1990 in Sarajevo. Graduated from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law in 2016. Since September 2016 he has been working with the EU project “Protection and Promotion of Property Rights of Internally Displaces People, Refugees and Returnees Upon Readmission Agreements”


Andrian Hadži-Bulić


Born in 1987. Graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University in Priština. He began his career in the Law Office of Nevenka Hadžibulić in Belgrade. He has been hired as a trainee on the free legal aid office since November 2016. He is interested in working in field of property and human rights.


Slobodan Milovanović


Lawyer who is currently doing his master studies at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law. Slobodan volunteered and worked in various organizations and projects working with Serbs and other non-Albanian population in Kosovo and Metohija. He was engaged as a trainee with the project “Integration of Serbs in temporary self-government institutions in Kosovo”, implemented by the Association of Serbia Lawyers in Kosovo and Metohija.


Sanja Mikić


Gratuated from the Faculty of Law, Univeristy of Kragujevac. Sanja spent a year volunteering with the international student organization AIESEC as a legal coordinator. She passed the training in the European Court for Human Rights in Strasburg in field of work with the EU institutions. She also attended the summer school “European Convention on Human Rights” under the auspice of the European Council. Sanja won the first price at oration competition “Sretenjske besede” and was awarded by the Bas Association in Cacak.


Nikola Lazarević


Graduated from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law. Upon graduation, Nikola did his residency in a real estate agency “Manager” and a law office “Sava Malešević”.