A field visit to the Municipality Svijalnac was carried out on 28 June 2022 by the mobile team of Nis office of the Free Legal Aid Project.

During this visit, nine new potential beneficiaries sough legal aid for their legal issues in the places of origin. Two Internally displaced persons requested legal aid for obtaining documents from their places of origin, while one displaced person needed representation before court in proceedings for determining the ownership of the property in Kacanik. Six refugees from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina requested legal assistance for obtaining birth and citizenship certificates from their countries of origin.

Further to this, the team handed over to two refugees from Croatia, already beneficiaries of the project, the documentation obtained with assistance of the NGO “Projekat gradjanskih prava” from Sisak.

This field visit to Svilajnac was a part of filming of the sixth serial of the TV documentary “Pravo na sutra special” that project is carrying out in collaboration with RTS.