• Belgrade, 25.09.2018.

    The EU funded project “Protection and Promotion of Property Rights of Internally Displaced Persons, Refugees and Returnees Upon Readmission Agreements”, beneficiary of which is the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, organized on the presentation of the thematic report “Consequences of transfer of jurisdiction from EULEX......

  • Jagodina, 25.05.2018.

    Mobile team from the Niš office of the Free Legal Aid Project met on May 25, 2018. in Jagodina with 11 internally displaced people from Kosovo and Metohija. The team, consisting of a Junior Legal Adviser Dragan Gavrilović and trainees Miljana Đorđević and Bogdan Našković......


  • Their homes have been destroyed, usurped or fraudulently taken from them and they are unable to return or plan to invest
    for their future in the places where they live
  • Exclusion from schemes giving compensation to workers upon privatization of their former employer.
  • Institutional obstacles in acquiring necessary documents to access basic rights and take part in normal civic activities
    (e.g. a birth certificate, health insurance records, citizenship certificates, recognition of diplomas, years of service, pensions
    and other employee rights and access to property and court records)
  • The lack of security in the places of origin
  • Difficulties in integrating and engaging in long term social, cultural and economic activities in a temporary place of residence


  • We give support to those who, due to lack of means or security, or other good reason are not able to exercise their property
    and other rights
  • The support is provided by six legal teams throughout Serbia including mobile teams and our website and toll-free 0800 108 208
  • The teams consist of qualified advocates and their unit of lawyers who can provide:
    • Essential information on the legal rights of IDPS, Refugees and Returnees
    • Free legal assistance
    • Free legal representation by qualified advocates to protect your rights, particularly your property rights and to help secure
      the return of illegally occupied, damaged or destroyed property